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Bike Fit

Bike Fit – Bike fitting overview

Bike Fit – Bike fitting is viable, if not essential, for any cyclist at any level, whether you ride for pleasure, commute or compete at any level. On whatever style of bike you ride, a good fit will allow you to get comfortable and be more efficient on your bike. It is a myth that “cycling hurts” and we believe nobody should ride with pain.

Everybody who rides regardless of their cycling experience will have plenty to gain from a Bike Fit. The less experienced will gain more comfort, better postural stability, develop a better pedalling technique and the less likelihood of overuse injuries, whilst for the more experienced rider it is essential to maximise performance, power, recovery and avoid the development of overuse injuries that can be caused due to high levels of training and racing.

We see riders of all levels and abilities – from recreational riders to club riders to sportive and cycling challenge competitors to aspiring champions and the overwhelming feedback we receive is extremely positive. Our clients ride faster, longer and more comfortably. Check out our testimonials here.

If there is one thing we have learnt, and we are reminded several times a week, it is take the time to undergo and factor the cost of a bike fit, into the process of buying your next bike. When we ask our mechanics to modify an existing bike to accommodate a riders fit measurements, its a rectification process – sometimes its possible and other times we can only get some of the way. Purchasing a bike knowing a riders fit co-ordinates allows us to achieve a perfect fit and this is important because millimeters make a difference in terms of comfort and performance.


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Why use us?

We are a Physiotherapy led bike fitting studio and that’s important because a good fit starts with the fitter understanding the relevant medical history of the rider and knowing what to do about it. There are an increasing number of fit providers and several fitting systems. If you take a moment to research the subject of where to go for a bike fit, you will see a unanimous agreement that the quality and experience of the fitter is paramount. We use the EXIT Bike Fitting system and we are industry leading Bike Fit and F.I.S.T accredited. We have all the necessary skills and experience for analysing cycling biomechanics.

Most bike fit methods on the whole are based around average body measurements, but through our personal & clinical experience we know there is no such thing as an average or normal body; we are all unique and have different weakness and strengths. There is an important distinction between a true bike fit and a relatively simple bike sizing process.

Rider / fitter dialogue is a key to our bike fittings which include the ability to swap several handlebars and saddles during a session. We believe our test rig is as customizable as it gets.

We see an increasing number of clients in the studio that have previously experienced a poor bike fit elsewhere – all bike fits are not the same.

The GC Bike Fit Studio and EXIT Bike Fitting system unites 20 years of clinical experience with technological precision to provide a personalised fit profile and product configuration that is unique to you.

Which type of fit is right for me?

We offer a range of four bike fittings – Bronze, Silver Gold and Platinum – to suit all types of rider. These vary in cost and the time required. We have designed this selection of fits to ensure they remain a viable proposition for any rider. If you are unsure which works best for you then please call and we will talk you through the options and advise which best suits you.

We perform bike fits six days a week – call 07515 823335 to make your booking.

Contact us now for a specific quotation and to learn about our current offers. See our pricing here.


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