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GC Bike Fit Studio uses both the F.I.S.T. protocol and BikeFit fitting system.

F.I.S.T. Certified – This fitting method stresses the importance of fitting a rider comprehensively to their bike, meaning all rider positions should be optimised. Our fit session is not complete until the rider finds comfort in all rider positions – seated, hands on hoods, tops and drops; standing, hands on hoods and drops. Even comfort on incline can be addressed on the EXIT fit bike.

The Bike Fit fitting system does not just use a formula, it is based on angles and alignment incorporating contact (connection) points between the cyclist and their bike. Even in cases your bike is not the correct size, as long as you get the connection points in the ideal place you can still achieve a good and comfortable bike fit.

The Exit Bike was the first fit bike to be built to export stack and reach, the first to have an incliner allowing every cyclist from beginner to elite level to find their ideal riding position and remain pain free.

The one big advantage to having a fit bike that reads stack and reach is it allows the fitter to know at any point during the fit precisely what bike fits in that position. This way of fitting will enable us to deliver accurate riding position adjustments while you are still on the bike giving you instant feedback, therefore giving you confidence in your position and ensuring the maximum riding performance.

F.I.S.T. Certified – Argon 18 – Electric bikes – Cheap bikes – Orbea bikes – Free bike fit

“We value Stack and Reach as the best method to ensure your next bike is the correct size.”

Using the F.I.S.T protocols it allows you the rider to self-select the ideal position. With a just a few adjustments we can easily compare different riding positions to determine which gives you the most comfort, power and style. The Exit Bike has an integrated watt meter that allows testing power output in each of the five riding positions (road) finding your most efficient position.

Following your Exit Bike Fit you will be given a comprehensive, personalised fit report that outlines your exact riding position coordinates and therefore making it easy to transfer to your existing bike or for the purchase of a new bike / frame.

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