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Dave Barsby

I started cycling on an MTB and have recently converted to road. Having experienced pain during the past 12 months i was intrigued about the benefits of a bike fit.

It was an enjoyable and informative session. Wayne was very detailed and presented me with my specific fit measurements at the end. Since the changes have been made to my bike I have been frequently riding double my usual distance pain free. I’m very happy to recommend the guys at GC.


Andy Wright

GC Bike Fit Studio offer a bespoke service. The care and attention to detail are second to none. After a 3 hour bike fit I was more comfortable and more effective on my bike than ever before.

Wayne then kept in touch with me, helping me alter my bike to the best settings possible. They are also one of the very few UK agents for Guru Cycles. Having decided to buy a Guru frame, Richard then led me through the process of selecting the best groupset, wheels and finishing kit for my needs. I have to say that the finished item is quite remarkable. It fits me perfectly, it is urgent, handles superbly and yet remains supremely comfortable. With it’s low weight and 11-32 cassette I am ready for the hills of Derbyshire!

I cannot praise the team highly enough. They are utterly professional, keen to provide the best possible service for each customer and really nice people to work with.


Dave Runacres

Having looked at other bike fits like Retul, the bike fit that GC offers is far more detailed and comprehensive.

This is because it takes into account not only your specific bike and riding style, but also the physiological aspects of your particular body and level of fitness. This is for more comprehensive than anything else on the market – so at a basic level it provides the benefits of increasing your power and endurance but more importantly this is balanced by a fit that will ensure you can extend the longevity of your riding in years to come by identifying existing issues or preventing them.

Whatever level you are at in your cycling, if you want to be riding faster, longer and with less effort (and injuries) then this is well worth the investment.


Marcus Hart

My GC bike fits (road and TT) revealed that my stock 100mm stems were too short on my road and TT bikes.  Easy problem to solve.  It made a huge difference to my comfort on the bike and the previous discomfort in my neck disappeared immediately.  That alone made the investment worthwhile, but it’s not the best bit.  The best thing to come out of my fit was that after my first proper ride I could feel that my glutes were playing more of a part in the process.

Long story short, my FTP has risen from a previous best of 286 to 310 in the three weeks following my fit.  Worth every penny!


Mike Twelves (Team Jewson – MI Racing)

I’ve been a bike rider for over 30 years and in my past represented Great Britain internationally in road events. Currently I’m the BC Masters Circuit Race Champion and winner for the past 2 years of the LVRC Percy Stallard National Trophy series.

So when I had a bike fit I was curious to see what the outcome would be. The fit service was excellent; a very strong combination of cycling knowledge, biomechanics and physiology all coming together with a very practical approach to deliver a very enjoyable and useful experience. Whilst the suggested changes were not great – a few mm’s here and there – I immediately felt a benefit. I’ve been training for that last 6 weeks with the revised position, which has confirmed my initial thoughts that the fit really has brought about some improvement in my ability to deliver extra power to the pedals. But perhaps the greatest benefit is that its significantly improved a left to right imbalance problem I’ve been putting up with for the last 2 years.

I can’t recommend the guys a GC Bike Fit studio highly enough!

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